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September 2015

Penthouse-Restautant Review

Penthouse a modern lounge & Bar is located right in the heart of the most luxurious part of New Delhi – GK with Modern outlook combined with plush comfort.  Brainchild of Sunny Bhatia, Penthouse offers its patrons a memorable time

Deepika Kurup-The Mighty Girl

A Mighty Girl On family trips to India as a child, Deepika Kurup often saw kids like herself forced to drink dirty water -- as a result, at age 14, this Mighty Girl became determined to find to a way to ensure that everyone has access to…

Phantom-Movie Review

It took me long to review Phantom, as I was unable to decide, in which category to put it.  The movie definitely qualifies under patriotic category. I would say it is good one time watch. The movie is directed by Kabir Khan and lead

Maspar’s new collection

FADING HORIZON Collection Spruce your home with Maspar’s well-designed and classy collection FADING HORIZON. The collection is infused with splendid explosion of colors displayed on vast sky wall - from exuberant yellow to mellow orange to…