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Until Love Sets Us Apart- Book Review


Until Love Sets us Apart is written by Aditya Nighhot and published by FiNGERPRINT! It is a fiction and falls under romance genre.


Aisha and Rohit are like chalk and cheese. While Rohit is completely aimless and imperfect, Aisha  is focused and a perfectionist. Just two opposites. But don’t they say opposites attract?

He loves her…She loves him. Their wedding is on the cards but their love is put to the test when an unforeseen incident hits their lives.

Can loving somebody immensely set you apart?

Can everything just change in the blink of an eye?

Inspired by real-life incidents, this “Best Romance Book of the Year” award-winning novel is a heart-wrenching tale of true love, friendship, and destiny. And a young author’s quest to find out what exactly happened…

Reviewer Point Of View

If you ask me to define this novel in one word, I would say “Disappointing”. The story is bland, 75% of the story is like a candy floss. Typically boy meets girl, falls for her, become loyal and the love story starts. In the last 25%, the author realizes that he needs to pep up the story, so all the action happens now. I am a guzzler of romance but nowhere the story will come close to your heart. Romance is the easiest and toughest genre to write for. Any reader while picking up romance, knows what he is getting into, the only differentiating factor is the story treatment. For any romantic novelist, it is a must to get the reader involved. The writer should be able to invoke strong emotions in the reader, which is sadly lacking in the novel.

The novel highlights the plight of the rape victim and the trauma the family goes through. Uncontrolled hormones leave behind a trail of destruction and devastation. The point is nailed well by the author.


Aisha and Rohit meet are batch mates, pursuing a medical course in same medical college. Rohit falls for Aisha and changes himself for her. Their love was going steady and rock solid, the parents have also given their consent for the marriage when things went haywire.

Aisha with one of her close friend decides to visit a nightclub in Pune, totally unaware that this night will change her and Rohit’s life forever.

It is very sad to see, how spoilt brats can ruin a women’s life for fun. Though the Indian government has put a lot of rape laws in practice after Nirbhaya, still a lot needs to be done.

The way Rohit changes after Aisha is both scary and justified. The way he loses faith in the Indian judicial system was very much understandable.

This book is good for one time read.


It is an average story, but a good read while traveling.

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