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Go Go’s Flying Lesson- Kids Book Review

Importance of patience and practice is taught in the book.


Go Go’s Flying Lesson is published by Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. Under the color fairies series. This book is for kids age 6-8 years.

The book is about a little fairy named Go Go. She takes her first learning lesson from a fairy godmother. Just like our kids, she gets impressed by what the world has to offer her. She went on an exploration journey, where she see dragonfly, beautiful flowers, bumblebees drinking nectar etc. She was so engrossed in the beauty of nature, that fairy godmother reminds her to stay focused. It is a simple story, but like all other stories from Aadarsh Publishers, this too leaves a message in the end.

Go Go get upsets and believe that she is not doing good, where flying is concerned. Fairy godmother gently tells her to keep practicing, as with every practice one tends to get better. I believe which is a very important lesson, as in life we often fail due to lack of preparation. So teaching young ones, the importance of practice and patience, is very important. As I have mentioned earlier, kids get nothing to learn from cartoons like Pokemon, Shin Chan, Motu Patlu etc, story books like these are need of the hour. They not only engage young ones but also impart knowledge.

Book- Go Go’s Flying Lesson

Publisher- Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd.

Pages- 16

Price- Rs 145/

Pros-  a)Simple story in simple English.

b)Beautiful Pictures

c)Morale ending

From where to get:,

Ph-0744-2555442, 4270555


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