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Fall From Grace- Book Review

Daniel Steel is back with a bang, highlighting the fact, nothing is permanent in life, through her new book.


Fall From Grace is written by Danielle Steel and is published by Pan Macmillan.


From New York to Hong Kong, Fall from Grace is a story about finding the courage and strength to build yourself back up when you’ve lost everything.

Sydney Wells’ perfect life vanishes when her husband dies suddenly. Widowed at forty-nine, she discovers that he has failed to include her in his will. With her vicious stepdaughters in control of his estate, Sydney is removed from her beautiful home of sixteen years.

In search of work, Sydney returns to the world of fashion she’d enjoyed as a talented young designer, but her own daughters worry she’s out of her depth. Naïve and alone in a dishonest business, she’s exploited by her boss and finds herself faced with criminal prosecution.

Humiliated, publicly, shamed, destitute-Sydney hits rock bottom. There are two choices; give up or start over. With the support of a trusted colleague, she must forge a new life she can be proud of.


We have been reading Daniel Steele since ages, so whenever a new novel appears, the expectations are high. She builds the plot well and does complete justice with the characters. She brings any story to life, with her vivid description. Probably these are the few reasons, which makes her my favorite writer.

Coming back to the novel, the plot is an interesting cocktail of destiny, handwork, family ties, lies, and ulterior motives.  The beauty of the story is, it connects with the reader.  We have been listening for ages, things can change within seconds, and nothing is permanent.  The novel highlights this fact.


Sydney had a beautiful married life. But one day, with the death of her dear husband Andrew, life comes to a grinding halt. She was still grieving for her husband, when the lawyer updates her, that Andrew has left everything for the twins, from his previous marriage. Though the omission was not deliberate, it was enough to throw Sydney’s life out of balance. She realizes that unless she does something, she is heading towards a financial crisis. While figuring out the financials, she stumbles across the fact, that she has got no valuable assets, apart from the apartment in Paris. Seeing no other option, she heads to Paris to sell the apartment, without realizing that this trip, will change everything for her.

She meets Paul Zeller, on the flight, who owns a fashion house. But majorly he is into copying renowned designer labels. He offers her,  to work with him, which both her biological fashion designer daughters condemn. She tries to approach other fashion houses, but nothing works out. Seeing no other option she joins Paul and straight away walks into the trap.

In order to know more, one needs to go through the book.


The book is all about the triumph of human spirit. We all go through tough situations in life, our reaction to those situations is the game changer. The way Sydney never gave up fighting and her final comment – I will never leave my career for any man is the final takeaway. The novel is a good read for all the career women, who often tend to give up their career after marriage and kids, without realizing that they are giving up their identity, future security.

What I liked:

Crisp Editing.

Well written Plot.

Development of characters

What I do not like.

Predictability of the plot.

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