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Book Review- It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding

Chic literature, wonderful read.


It’s My Girlfriend’s Wedding is written by Sahil Rajput and published by FiNGERPRINT!. This is a fiction title and comes under romance genre.


Tall, rich and handsome, Vivan is the most sought-after bachelor. Recently returned from London, he is the one and only scion of Bakshi Group of Companies.

A perfect gentleman, an astute businessman, Vivan Bakshi has it all. But he is about to lose his girlfriend to someone else! Left with her wedding invitation, what will Vivan do?

From a silver spoon existence to roadside dhaba drudgery, Vivan undertakes it all as he sets off in search of his love, finding a lot more into the bargain.

A pacy romance, this tale is a revelation that TRUE LOVE doesn’t come that easy. It demands hardwork!

“So, a million dollars are more important than our relationship, right?”


This novel leaves a fuzzy feeling in your heart. Love is a wonderful feeling, it makes a person go to any extent. The story revolves around the same concept, rich boy meets a girl, falls madly in love. But like many young people, his priorities are not clear, his girlfriend is about to get married and all he can think of, is his impending business meeting. The girl is a princess and her grandfather had some serious time wrapped notions. It is not only a love story but also touches topics like child marriage, too much age difference between the bride and the groom and certain other social malice. The author has weaved a beautiful story around this malice, without making the story preachy or filling the readers with the guilt of living in a relatively free and modern society. Nowhere does the plot becomes boring or dragging, the author has entertained the readers throughout the story.


Vivan Bakshi has it all, he is rich, blessed with good looks, stable family, intelligent. He returns from London, to join his father business but has different thoughts on business. Soon Maya joins his team, he likes her thought process and vision towards business. The company was selling an outsourced product, Maya suggests they develop there own product, which will result in higher profits and these good returns, can be shared with the team for putting efforts. Vivaan asks Maya to design the presentation, once the idea gets approved from Senior Bakshi, both spend more time working together, to fine-tune the idea. Love blossoms between them, they were totally unaware that Maya is not an ordinary employee. She is a princess with a dark past, all the dreams and promises are going to be put to test because of the past. Vivann is left with no choice either he can save his girlfriend from the impending wedding or can be a guest at her girlfriend’s wedding. In order to win his love back, he decides to take a journey, which will change his life forever.


Why Should you read the novel:

  • Good storyline
  • Light Read.
  • Chic literature.
  • Well crafted plot.





  1. zvodret iluret says

    Saved as a favorite, I really like your blog!

  2. M. Azim says

    After reading your review, I picked up the book and found it worth for money. Don’t you think the plot has got nothing unique to offer?

  3. Amy says

    Hello, I read your blogs daily. Your writing style is witty,
    keep up the good work! I could not resist commenting. Well written! I could not resist commenting.

    Exceptionally well written!

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