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Earthy Worthy Farms

-Ramya Mishra


This New Year weekend had a special surprise stored for me, team GOE visited Earthy Worthy Farm. Initially, I thought it is going to be another fun trip, but I was in for a surprise. It was not any regular trip but was an educational experience in itself.

We all are reading about common people, celebs and high strata members falling prey to various life-threatening diseases. Chemical-laced food causes cancer, heart diseases, brain problems, muscle & general weakness, underdeveloped immunity of kids etc.


The need of the hour is going back to the natural ways of farming. All this has prompted few entrepreneurs to get into farming. They take land on lease, cultivate the farm organically, contaminated water, pesticides are all strictly prohibited. Even the sprays are made from Neem, the produce is sent to members. There is an annual membership fee attached.

Mr.Nitin Ahlawat one of the founders of Earthy Worthy farm mentioned, “NGT has prohibited the highly polluted crop belts of Yamuna and Hindon for cultivation. Unfortunately, production & supply of abused vegetables from these areas are still rampant in Delhi – NCR. Pre-Harvest Vegetable Abuse There is a high probability that the vegetables in your kitchen are laced with a toxic mix of banned fertilizers, pesticides, hormones, sewage etc. Also for improved appearance and taste vegetables and fruits are often polished, waxed, colored. Generally, tomatoes are treated with pesticides 8 times before they reach our kitchen. “

Now the problem is even if we go for organic vegetables, we don’t know their authenticity or effectively track their point or method of cultivation.

The answer to all the above problem starts community farming & grow our own vegetables. The Earthy Worthy Farm is on the same concept, it is a community-based organic agriculture concept which will helps health-conscious consumers to procure organically grown seasonal vegetables directly from the farms. One can visit the farm and check the farming practices.

They use organic farming practices, uncontaminated water for irrigation, soil testing, crop diversity, zero chemicals. They use compost manure, green manure, cow urine, vermicompost, jeevamrit to maintain the required nutrients/minerals/microbes in the soil.

The members of Earthy Worthy farm get fresh vegetables at their doorstep. The members will get each of 4-5 seasonal staple and green leafy vegetables, reasonable quantity & variety of exotic salad or herbs harvested from the farm will be delivered every week to each member.

The members can also come at Earthy worthy Farms for a day trip. One can get authentic village food and organic village style cooked Chulhe ki Roti and Haandi ki Daal. In summers one can enjoy a cool dip in the tube wells. In order to get a feel of ownership members can do farming.

The children can enjoy village sports like gilli danda, kanche and lattu at the farm. They can also have hands-on experience in farming and learn about various farming practices. This will inculcate in them the habit of valuing food and nature.

Not only this, there are many other benefits for the members like discount on Organic Groceries. They can get hold of authentic Desi Ghee prepared from the unadulterated milk of desi cows on Earthy Worthy Farms.

The yearly membership fees are Rs.75,000  which can be paid annually or semi-annually.

So plan your next visit to Earthy Worthy Farms soon and go for healthy food.


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