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5 Romantic Scenes from Geetha Govindam that’ll melt your heart


One of the 2018’s biggest blockbusters was Geetha Govindam. Starring Vijay Devarakonda and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead, is a romantic comedy that won hearts with its quirky characters and funny situations. But at the core of it, the movie is a love story about a misunderstood young man Vijay Govind (Vijay) and the troubles he undergoes to win the respect of his crush Geetha (Rashmika). Having watched the movie multiple times (possibly as many times as Vijay saw Bharateeyudu in the movie, more on that later), we thought it would a good idea to share some of our favorite scenes from the movie that made us go all mushy.

Lessons from Bharateeyudu

For those who haven’t seen Geetha Govindam, may find the title weird but stay with us. So, in the scene, Vijay and his friends are watching the famous Kamal Hassan movie Bharateeyudu on a projector. The friends are watching a scene where a murder takes place and the main couple flees. Vijay pauses the movie at this point and asks his friends, “Did you see what happened?” His friends are puzzled but they look further confused when Vijay explains how this scene is #lifegoals for him. Trust me, you’ve got to watch this full scene to understand how romantic this scene is. Words won’t do justice here.


The Vachindamma Sequences

Yes, there is a video song available on YouTube. But the video doesn’t do justice to the placement of the song in two different situations in the movie. The first time the song plays we see Vijay dreaming about his traditional wedding. However, the face of the bride is cleverly hidden throughout this sequence. So, though he knows how his wife would be treated like a queen, he doesn’t know who she is yet. But that changes when he sees Geetha at a temple. Now, his dreams get a beautiful face to connect to. The way he takes care of Geetha, showers her with love with small gestures, ufff, this is what dreams of simple guys are made of, even today!

After the Revelation

So, the central conflict of the film revolves around a misunderstanding between Geetha and Govindam. After a revelation of Vijay’s true character, Geetha begins falling for him. So, while it was Vijay who was pining for Geetha, now it is the other way around. We get to see the attachment, affection, mischief, and possessiveness that Geetha feels for Vijay, while she continues to hide her true feelings from him. With the Yenti Yenti song in the background, we felt our hearts melt at the turn of events.

One Night, Two Conversations

We couldn’t help but mention two scenes in this part, but both these scenes are bound by one link. This time around, Vijay finally comes to know how Geetha felt for him, first through her brother, and then herself. Her feelings are best summarised by one line said by her brother, “You are not an option for Geetha, you are the one and only choice”. But this revelation comes too late as she is to be married to someone else in the morning. This makes the reveal all the more heartbreaking yet filled with love.

Back to the bus

The movie ends where it all started – a bus. Vijay and his ‘wife’ Geetha are heading to Shirdi. This time, his friend Ramakrishna challenges Vijay over a call that he will be beaten up by Geetha if Vijay dares to touch her. However, Vijay musters up some courage and gives Geetha a peck on her cheeks as she sleeps. What happens next? Well, stick around till the end of the movie to find out!


So, with the vibe of Valentine’s Day fresh in the air, you should consider watching Geetha Govindam full movie online on ZEE5. In case you can’t get enough of Vijay Deverakonda’s magnetic screen presence, you can even catch his other hit from 2018, Taxiwaala on ZEE5. So, go ahead and check out these movies right away!



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