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Product Review-Teddy Toes

Smart and comfortable shoes for the little one.


Purchasing right shoes for the little one is a bit overwhelming. The kind of fashion options which are present, honestly always confuses me.  One can get rubber to leather shoes, flip-flop to crocs. It is more difficult to find smart shoes for your little one, especially for boys. I have checked so many stores for my little one, but have rarely found a good option. Either the shoes were too flamboyant or they made irritating noise while walking. Many times they were quite beautiful to look at, but the child was unable to walk comfortably in them.

At some point in time, we all are tempted to buy large shoes for our little ones, so that they come handy after a couple of months. But always remember, poorly fitting loose shoes can cause blisters and they don’t support the growing feet. Also, if shoes are too tight they can cause foot deformities. If the shoes are not good, the child can trip and have a bad fall. So shoe shopping should be done with utmost care and vigilance.

Teddy Toes was referred to me by my close friend, she has used them for her kids, and was all praises for the brand. I ordered “ Dude” tan colored shoes for my little one.  They were delivered to me in nice packaging, the box was of blue color, with cute teddies printed on the same.

The shoes have a flexible sole, this ensured they will protect the foot from debris or rough roads. A quick test to check the sole-try folding the shoes in half to ensure the flexibility. The shoes are super comfortable, they have a cushion, which helps in the gait and makes the walk comfortable. The inside of the shoes had no tags, seams or any other material, which might irritate the foot.

They look pretty stylish and can be paired easily with formals, jeans or shorts, though my personal favorite was teaming them up with the dungarees.

As a mother, I am fully satisfied with Teddy Toes shoes and would recommend this brand.

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