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Beauty Product Review-Oh, Ohria!


– Aarti Kapur Singh

As a rule and personal skincare resolution, I am only resorting to organic products this season. Ohria is a new brand that bases its products on oldest secrets of vedic beauty, as documented in ‘Ayurveda’. Most potent & sacred herbs, plants as ingredients from Himalayas & Reliable sources. These result-oriented products are closest to nature and a true ode to Ayurveda  and the formulas are blended with nature’s most powerful healers. So committed are they to their mission statement to keep it pure and natural that they declare on their website – “If it is not natural, it’s not an Ohria product!”

So when I was sent two products to products by the brand, I was rather excited to put them to test. The two products were: Raatrani & Mint Facial Mist (Rs 690 for 100ml) and Haldi, Besan and Marigold Skin Brightening Bathing Bar (Rs 250 for 50gms). Yes, I also thought what you are thinking right now – these products seem quite expensive for the amount or weight. But before we jump to any conclusions, it is best to check out both the products in detail…



Haldi, Besan and Marigold Skin Brightening Bathing Bar

Haldi, Besan and Marigold Skin Brightening Bathing Bar

Again, the size of the bathing bar definitely does not justify the price. That aside, I am a fan of handmade soaps and this is why I was keen to use it. This bathing bar has natural cleansing & nourishing agents Besan (Gram flour), Lentils, Turmeric and Goat Milk, traditionally used for bathing by royals in India. As per the website, all these are blended after slow heat infusion keeping all nutrients intact for softening and skin brightening, Kokum butter, Turmeric essential oil, Triphala and sandalwood oil softens and helps clear pigmentation. Goat milk was used in Egyptian civilization and has been mentioned in Ayurvedic texts as a natural cleanser. This means that regular use of goat milk will make the skin softer, smoother, nourished. Now this is a fact I can corroborate. Additionally, experts believe that it controls acne, eczema and has anti-ageing properties too. The other impressive ingredient is turmeric oil, known as ‘Magic spice’ for a flawless skin. Besan has antibacterial properties, absorbs excess oil & sebum from skin, helps to fight pimples, removes tan – just what you want in summer! But my most favourite (and exotic) ingredient is marigold. Marigold contains numerous antioxidants which helps the cells from damaged caused by free radicals, it is effective in inflammation, itchiness, eczema etc. The amazing fragrance as you bathe with this bar makes you feel like a modern-day queen. But with this bar, you need to take care to store it in a cool and completely dry place – so that the heat does not interfere with the natural ingredients, and the water does not let the soap go waste.


Raatrani & Mint Facial Mist

Facial mists are my favourite beauty products for the hot and dry summer season where your skin feels just like you – dry, parched, burnt and thirsty. First things first – this mist smells DIVINE! Like absolutely heavenly and just one spritz on your face feels like a shower in the middle of a whole garden of raat ki rani. This pure organic mist is obtained by steam distilling Night Blooming Jasmine flowers and mint leaves. As per Ayurvedic texts, this combination is supposed to not just cool your skin, but also balances it so it doesn’t feel dry and parched. The website also mentions that it cleanses, softens, tones gently and adds a natural glow to your skin. Additionally, it is supposed to be a natural Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory mist with antioxidants. What’s there not to love! If only the price was a little less – I am actually using it like it’s got liquid gold in it or something. But once a week, I am also using it on my scrubbed and cleansed skin as a refreshing and soothing pack – after mixing it with some sandalwood powder. You can use it throughout the day or use it as a toner (which I do as my nightly CTM routine). After almost two weeks, my skin does feel brighter – the uneven, patchy texture and the damage done by tan is almost fully gone. So yes, the product is good.

Overall both products are nice, and it is important to remember that anything that is so good, handmade using the purest ingredients will be cost-intensive!

I think both these products are well-worth the price!

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