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Be True, By Ghanasingh


Ghanasingh BE TRUE, a brand known for redefining luxury with its innovative and exclusive designs was established in the year 1905. With over a century old legacy, under the guidance of Gautam Ghanasingh the fine jewelry label at Bandra, is renowned for crafting limited edition and exquisite jewelry pieces.  The brand has consistently made an effort to create pieces that every woman can resonate with and would love to wear.

With Spring-Summer trends taking over the runways, and the summer wedding season about to begin, Ghanasingh Be True has just launched a fitting jewelry collection for the season. Lightweight sparkling jewels crafted to perfection, are what comprise this collection that oozes a tranquil summer vibe. The current collection brings back jewelry inspirations from the label’s past, going back to their roots and adapting from their old traditional designs which have been adorned by the royal Maharaja’s and many noted personalities including Nutan, Nargis, and the Kapoor clan.

Minimal designs and light colors are the mainstays of every piece in the ‘Be True’ Collection. The ‘illusion bracelet’ is an example of an innovative approach to design where fancy diamonds are put together to give an illusion of an endless design. The single set is made of 18 carats rose gold.  The bright diamonds and minimalist designs mean each piece can be paired with any outfit and it blends seamlessly adding an alluring touch. Another timeless piece of wrist jewelry, the tennis bracelet has become an everyday adornment. Completely set in diamonds and made in yellow, pink and white, this bracelet is an equivalent of the diamond stud earrings.  These are classics that every woman must have in her jewelry collection.

The floral blush earrings and rings are delicate and an easy combination for spring-summer. Try these blooms and floral motifs as they can become focal points of both traditional Indian wear or stylish western gowns and dresses.

Minimal yet glamorous, shirt chains featuring dazzling diamonds have been included in the collection as dainty adornments. Stack together multiple pieces in accent shapes to lend a distinct charm to the outfit.

Ghanasingh Be True Jewellery Salon

205, Queens Palace
Waterfield Road,
Bandra West
Mumbai – 400050
Contact: Krishaa Ghanasingh
Tel: 022-26435500


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By:Aarti Kapur Singh

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