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The Rainbow Acres

Reviewed by Ramya Mishra


The Rainbow Acres is a fiction written by Simrita Dhir and published by Om Book International.


In the spring of 1916, seventeen-year-old Kishan Singh is euphoric in his village Noor Mahal in Punjab, British India as he dreams of going to college, landing a government job and marrying his heartthrob Roop. Summer flies in with promise but ends in disaster when heavy rains flood the fields, wrecking the cotton crop and triggering influenza which leaves behind a trail of dead villagers. Kishan Singh’s dreams are ruthlessly washed away. Devastated, he sets off on a life-threatening voyage across two oceans for a distant and unknown land.

On a cataclysmic day in 1919, Sophia’s idyllic world in Guadalajara, Mexico, falls apart when she becomes a hapless victim to the ravages of the Mexican Revolution. She battles hunger, poverty and near prostitution before embarking on a perilous night journey across the border.

Will their paths cross in the land of opportunities that is overrun with racial and class barriers?

The Rainbow Acres is a moving saga of migration, selfless love, fortitude, friendship, and the quest for land and identity, set against the backdrop of Old Punjab, early California and revolution-torn Mexico.


This book is about the triumph of the human spirit. We all face adversities in life, it is the difference of reaction which defines a human. The story very well highlights the unpredictability of life. One moment you have everything, another moment everything vanishes in thin air. The basic truth is, if we have bankable people and relations around us, then we can face any storm. The story also highlights the plight of migrants, who because of civil war or natural calamities, might have to leave their county. Leaving their homeland, realizing that they might not be able to visit it ever again is a heartbreaking feeling, but still, they have to move on in order to survive.

Overall I loved the book, especially the character of Kishan Singh, it has been beautifully developed, he is hardworking, stand for his fellows, reliable, strong and intelligent. The friendship of Kishan and Jaspal is the highlight of the novel. They stood for each other and changed their dying fortunes.


The story starts in two different part of world- Punjab, and Mexico. Kishan Singh is a happy go lucky guy, who is abandoned by his father, post his mother’s death. He lives in Noor Mahal with his Baldev mama. He is doing good in school and wants to go for higher studies, as they are the key to his government job dream. Apart from studies and fieldwork his only love is Roop. His sole purpose of living is Roop, he has it all planned out, after landing a government job, he will ask for Roop’s hand in marriage. But destiny has some other plans, influenza hit the village, crops are destroyed and his mami passes away. Adding to his woes, Roop’s mother fixes her daughter marriage with money lender’s son. Kishan pleads to Roop’s mother, tries to convince her of his love for Roop. But the mother strongly denies. He is left heartbroken, he decides to leave the village with his friend Jaspal and sail to America, to search his fortune.

Sophia in Mexico is the apple of everyone’s eyes. She runs a bakery along with her father. Soon she gets married to Giovanni and leaves her homeland. She was enjoying a perfect marital life when her two young sons along with the husband are massacred during riots. Her world falls apart, left with her daughter Isabella, she has to move towards safer land and ensure a safe future for both of them.

Will they survive the trails? Will these immigrants ever cross each other path? Will they flourish in a distant land or wither away?

Do pick up the book to get answers to all the above questions.


Definitely must read, for all fiction lovers.

Why should you pick the book:

  • Strong Plot
  • Good message
  • Crisp Editing

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