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Socha Bhi Na Tha- Book Review

Reviewed by Ramya Mishra


Socha Bhi Na Tha is written by Sriman Narayanan and published by Shrishti Publishers Distributors. This novel is a fiction and falls under the romance genre.


It’s heart-breaking, finding the right person at the wrong time.

And worse? Meeting the wrong person when the time is right.

Aditi Narang is an obvious beauty. With her charming personality and magical aura, she steals hearts without much ado. When she professes her love to Shyam, he says “No”.

Padma Lakshmi is an average girl, who goes about her life like a routine. There is nothing distinctly remarkable about her, which repels Shyam. But when proposed to marry her, he says “Yes”.

Shyam appears quite sorted, well settled and practical in the way he goes about life, and is the eligible bachelor that any girl would be lucky to marry.

In a fierce battle between his mind and heart, tossing insecurities and juggling fears, Shyam wrongs both the woman. But why would he do that?

Socha Bhi Na Tha is a fast-paced, gripping story of love in various hues, extraordinary circumstances, thrilling emotions and unheard of drama. It leaves us wondering, was it his sanity that prevailed or his insanity that triumphed?

Reviewer Take

This is a highly confusing book on life, relationships with spiritual knowledge sprinkled in the story. The main character Shyam appeared heartless as well as spineless. Moreover, the author has put a lot of his domain knowledge in filling the pages, which makes the book pretty boring at times. I firmly believe if a reader ends up skipping the pages while reading the book, then that book is surely doomed. With Socha Na Tha multiple times I skipped the pages, especially where cutting cost or other office related details were concerned.

The story seems patchy at times, for instance, Shyam’s love for Aditi looked more as one-sided affair. Also, he had a tendency to fall in love easily. The reader should relate to the main character, he/she should understand the psyche of the main character and the motivation behind the actions. This was sadly missing in the plot. The story seemed more like the key character playing the victim card, where he has done wrong to the majority. The way he treated Padma his wife was obnoxious.  I believe the author should have worked more on developing Shyam’s character.

The plot definitely needs a lot of groundwork. A novel cannot be a simple chronicle of events, the story needs to build a connection with the readers.


Shyam meets Padma Lakshmi and giving in to family pressure agrees to marry her. He is not attracted to his wife and is not even interested in working out the marriage. So, the whole time the reader will question his sanity behind getting married. In one of his job, he meets Aditi Narang, who comes across as a beautiful and charming person. Shyam falls for her but again never had the courage to properly address his feelings. Aditi gets married to someone else and Shyam moves to the US with the Padma, where he decided to call his marriage off.

So, in short, this novel is Shyam’s emotional turmoil journey.

Final Take

This novel is not worth sparing time.

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