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Let’s Noodle-Food Review

Authentic Chinese and Thai cuisine.


If you like Chinese or Thai food, then getting an authentic food, becomes a problem. I have tried Chinese at many places, but found the dishes either too soggy or filled with black soya sauce, which give the dish a repulsive black tinge. So, I am always on a lookout for authentic Chinese food.

My colleagues suggested me to try Chinese cuisine at Let’s Noodle, and boy! I was so thankful for following their advice. They have a good range of veg and non- veg starters. So, place the order that suits your palette, they have starters which are crispy and spicy. Also, they offer dishes, which are not unnecessarily loaded with spices.

In non-veg starters, we ordered chicken Tai Pei, and I would heavily recommend this dish. The chicken was soft, lightly marinated, it melts in your mouth. It is spicy but sweet, so if you are fan of honey chilli potato, then this dish is for you. The best part is, the chicken served is fresh, so it makes the process of eating all the more enjoyable.

In vegetarian starters, we ordered Wild Pepper Corn, it is simply yums, crispy and tangy. It was not much oily, so would definitely request you to try this. Even kids will love this, a word of advice, if you are asking for home delivery and the distance is more than 5 km, then it loses some of its crispiness. But still whenever you visit the outlet, please go for it.

In the main course, opt for chicken garlic noodles, one can enjoy the taste of garlic along with shredded chicken pieces, it also contains some exotic vegetables. We ordered Chicken Manchurian and Lamb Hot Garlic, they tasted heavenly.

When everyone is cutting down the quantity of food, Let’s Noodle is very generous with the proportions. The best part which I liked about Let’s Noodle is, they give sufficient portion, in one plate of noodles, 2 people can easily eat.

Food for two will approximately cost around Rs 700/-

Would highly recommend Let’s Noodles.


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