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Because Periods Matter

Product Review - Carmesi Sanitary Pads-- Aarti Kapur Singh


The personal care industry has witnessed a tremendous evolution, bringing the fanciest of experiences designed to pamper a woman- from exquisite body washes, lovely scents to dreamy lingerie, and what not! But despite all the superficial talk on the women’s personal hygiene front, the conversation has seldom gone more than skin deep. Literally and figuratively.

Even in the 21st century, it is sad to note that there still are no conversations around the health aspects and issues that women face with a personal care product that they use 4-5 (or more) days in a month for nearly 40 years of her life!

There, I seem to have bowed down to the stereotype about talking about it in hushed tones. And this is what needs to change. Because periods are the reason life goes on, generation after generation.

From rags of cloth to rudimentary cotton pads to swish and fancy sanitary towels that boast designer ‘oopari parat’ , pads have come a long way. But in times when reducing carbon footprints is not just important, but also critical, it is time that about Carmesi – a brand that makes healthy, organic and 100% biodegradable sanitary pads.sanitary pads also become a little more eco-friendly. This is what excited me in the first place

About The Product

Carmesi is a Spanish word that translates to Crimson – the colour of blood. As evident from the name, the brand aims to normalize periods and make the modern day woman feel absolutely confident and comfortable with her body. It is the first brand of premium, all-natural sanitary pads in India that is completely healthy and safe for use. The brand caters to every aspect of the menstrual cycle, right from the time a woman receives her supply to its storage, usage and disposal.

I received a packet that contained 10 extra large and 10 regular pads in an exquisitely designed box that can actually be kept on a dressing table or alongside other things in my bathroom cabinet. It also compliments other utilities in those pretty travel kit. Each unit is packed in a classic, easy-to-carry sealed bag, convenient to carry and dispose the soiled napkins. This aspect also means your ease of travel, while on your period, is increased manifold.

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Made with the finest natural ingredients (corn starch and bamboo fiber), Carmesi skin-friendly sanitary pads keep your body safe from harmful synthetics & chemicals. This means there are no rashes or allergies, but at the same time, the absorption and comfort are superlative! These super-thin and soft pads not only do they keep your body safe but also prevent any damage to the environment.

The pads are softer than any I have ever used. And I am not exaggerating. There is no feeling of icky wetness. In fact it really does feel like any other normal day! You really have to try it to believe it. (Order them here –

To save the hassle of last minute runs to the local pharmacy, Carmesi comes with customized packages that can be subscribed on monthly/quarterly and yearly basis. It is a complete period-care solution for the modern day woman. The brand promises to deliver a premium experience of having one’s menstrual cycle by making it expedient and at par with her other personal care regime.

The Verdict

Carmesi is the perfect healthier alternative to the synthetic pads so widely sold in the Indian markets. It is a complete period-care solution for the modern day woman. If you make such thoughtful and informed decisions when selecting a beauty or body-care product, choose your period care product (for the time when you really do need the utmost care) carefully.

With Carmersi, periods will become a ‘safe time of the month’. This product will truly transform your approach to your period.


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