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Yay Yay Gets Her Wand-Book Review

Children book,teaching them importance of practical wisdom and goodness.


Yay Yay gets Her Wand is from Colour Fairies series, which comes under Aadarsh Private Limited banner.

The book consists of sixteen pages and comes in the price bracket of Rs 145/.

It’s a story about a fairy Yay Yay, who gets a magic wand from her fairy godmother. Not only Yay Yay but other fairies also, get their magical wand. They all have to choose their magic word. One fairy asks for gold coins. The fairy godmother instructs them sternly, that this wand cannot be used for personal gains. Thus teaching a very important lesson ,to the kids,  once gift shouldn’t be used for personal gains. But should always work towards the larger benefit of everyone else.

Yay Yay sees Tripper the Troll, and he seems pretty unhappy. Yay Yay decides to make Tripper happy. She asks her magic wand to do the same, but somehow the wand fails.


Here fairy godmother gives her an important piece of advice. She needs to look for the cause of Tripper’s unhappiness. Yay Yay looks at Tripper shoes, and realize the problem. The moment she wishes for bigger shoes. The Tripper looked happy and comfortable, with change shoes. In the process she learns another important lesson, that even best of the intentions, cannot work at times, one needs to apply common sense and see the root cause of problems.

Needless to say one of my favorite storytelling books and recommended for kids.

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