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Why take your child to Agra

Walk the history explore the monuments explore India


Ok, without sounding preachy, and suggesting that it is every Indian cardinal duty to pay homage to Taj Mahal, once in a lifetime. I will suggest you practical reasons, that why a trip to Agra is worth trying.

  1. If your child is in the age bracket of 8-12 years, they are very soon going to start their history lessons, in the school. Trust me, experiencing history live is always better than virtual or bookish knowledge. Experiences tend to live the longest with a person. That’s why our generation is hell-bent on gaining experiences, so the same applies to our little ones. Show them the history, tell them small stories around a place, and they are going to remember it forever.

2. We all have heard and read about Mughal Dynasty, but its true impact on Indian architecture can be seen in Agra. I personally feel Agra is the best place to introduce a child to the Mughal world. I remember during my history lessons in school, I always used to mix up the names of grandfather, father, son, and grandson. I believe seeing them in person, helps one in understanding the lineage. Any child will not easily forget the story of, Aurangzeb, capturing his father Sharjah and locking him in Red Fort. I clearly remember the window, from which the king used to see Taj Mahal.

3.One of the primary reason, for a visit to Agra, is, to show kids the impact of pollution, on our monuments. Due to the pollution, the white marble is slowly turning into grey beauty.

4. Visit  Agra, introduces our little one to the world of Badshah’s and Begums, they get to see the calligraphy and architecture. Not only Edinburgh, Scotland or Stirling have castles, but we have our own share of forts, havelis, palaces in India.

5. Introduce kids to the world of Panchi Pethas, Dalmoths and leather making units.

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