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When Love Happens

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Why you should read the book

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Published By Whom

When Love Happens fall under chic literature. It is written by Manish Kumar and published by Shristi Publishers.

Why you should read the book

First thing first, this book is definitely written, directly from the heart. It has got no unnecessary glamor, it talks about a love story, which is away from WhatsApp and facebooks. The story and its key characters are centered in small town. You can feel a whiff of the small town, from the story. I liked the book because it made me nostalgic. Yes, love in our time was much simpler, where one look or smile, means a lifelong commitment to staying together. When there were no two-timing or multiple timing going on. Simple words “I love you” were equivalent, to marriage vows. If you guys think, that I am being melodramatic, then you need to talk to the lovers of that era.

Manish has beautifully penned down this love story. His lady love kept him on tenterhooks, she had the courage to declare her love, but was spineless, when the time asked to honor her love. More than the love story, I liked the practical approach of Manish, in showcasing the reality of career and life. When we are in late teens or early twenties, we all have big dreams, which are sadly shattered by reality and then most of us are left disillusioned. So, this book acts as an eye-opener to an extent.

Novel Summary

Nish came from Bihar, he had his own set of dreams, like clearing IIT. He met a girl in his school, with whom he instantly bonds. Before he realizes, he was madly in love with the girl. The girl also love Nish but with certain terms and conditions. Nish got so distracted from his studies, that he was unable to clear IIT and join some small college MP.  In the meantime, he lands up with his first job, which is nothing more than a living hell. I think I have sufficiently opened the cards, for rest you need to pick the book to explore more.


The book is written in simple English, with a simpler plot. If you want to walk down the memory lanes, then this book is for you.

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