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The Malhotra Bride-Book Review

Romantic Novel.


Blurb: She is young,   ravishing and free-spirited. He is a handsome billionaire. She has fought tooth and nail for things like wearing jeans and riding a horse. He, ultimate among eligible bachelors, has never had a woman refuse him. And both see marriage as a threat to their freedom. When Akshay and Sunita’s horoscopes perfectly match, announcing them as made for each other, there is little they can do except meet to honour their parents’ wishes.

Though Akshay becomes curious after one look at her photograph, Sunita has set plans of her own. And when they come face-to-face, she is absolutely determined to get rid of him. But will getting rid of prospective groom help her get rid of this getting-married business altogether.

Equal parts tense and passionately romantic, this tale of love and arranged marriage will not only keep you hooked but will change the way you consider marriages.

About Book: The Malhotra Bride is written by Sundari Venkatraman and published by Fingerprints. Incidentally, this is author’s 21st book and she has brought Indian Mills &Boons to life.

The book is a fiction and falls under romance genre.

Ok, so who should read this book? All Karan Johar and Suraj Barjatya movie lovers, who believe in big happy family,  living under one roof. Not only they, but also those bookworms, who believes in love at first sight, and for whom,  life is like a warm chocolate cake, which melts in your mouth and makes you fuzzy.

Somewhere the book reminds you of a bygone era, where love was not dependent on watsapp. Parents still had control over the kids and any commitment made by the head of the family was honored by everyone.

The plot is simple, engaging and well written. The English is not at all complex and flowery, if you are a fast reader, you can finish the book in one sitting or maximum two.


Plotline:  Sunita and Akshay belong to different rich business families. Sunita has an orthodox father Mr.Rishi, his sole aim is to get her daughter married at the earliest. He is insensitive and does not care much about the feelings of female folks in his house. The elder sister of Sunita got married at an early age, in another leading business family of India. But Sunita is a rebel, she has dreams of her own, she wants to explore the world, before getting hitched with anyone. This thought process does not go well with Mr.Rishi. The only person who supports her is Grandpa Ratan, who is fond of his granddaughter.

On the other hand is Raj Malhotra’s family, they are looking for a nice bride, for their only offspring Akshay. Now the glitch is that the scion of Malhotra family is also, not very keen to settle down. But when Sunita’s photo was handed over to him, he gets curious. Out of curiosity, he visits Sunita’s computer institute beforehand, in order to get a glimpse of her. And what he sees, impresses him. In the evening, the family meet for marriage alliance, Grandpa Ratan, escorts Akshay to his room, where he finds Sunita, with a bad makeup, in order to put him off. After seeing her from close quarters, he falls for her and decides to marry her. But Sunita is not the one to relent. In order to coax her, he designs a plan, to which she agrees after a bit of hesitation. What follows next in the novel, is a combination of entertaining, engaging situations, which is needed to be read.

The way the romance blossoms between both, is heart melting.

Sundari has developed both the characters well, where Akshay represents a breed of rare men, he is handsome, chivalrous, caring and attentive to the mate’s need. In short every female’s dream. Similarly, Sunita is beautiful, elegant, poised and undemanding. The chemistry between them is sizzling.

Valentine Day is here if you want to believe in love again, then please pick up a copy of The Malhotra Bride.



  1. Sundari Venkatraman says

    Thank you so much Gypsy, for the wonderful review. I am so glad to know that you enjoyed reading my book. Incidentally, The Malhotra Bride is the very first book that I wrote (in 2000) and published as an ebook (in 2014). Thanks to Fingerprint Publishing, it had taken the paperback avatar after many years.

    1. gypsy says

      Hi Sundari, you have written a wonderful book, with an enjoyable plot.

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