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The Girl I Love-Book Review


The Girl I Love is written by Amit Nangia and published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors.


      “Every girl has a guy that she won’t stop loving

     And every guy has a girl that he won’t stop fighting for.”

Myra loves Kairav, and she does not even remember since when! Not just his best friend, she is also his partner in a successful dream start-up.

Kairav has broken up again and turns to Myra for relief. His broken heart needs the tender love of a friend to mend.

While Myra has loved him forever, Kairav cannot seem to see her more than a best friend. Time is running out and she needs to take control of her life before it’s too late. And it’s not like she does not have choices-there is Akhil, who would commit to her the moment she says yes; and Ratan, who would like to woo her to the altar.

Except that Kairav objects to her admirers, much to her annoyance. She has always been around, and the thought of losing her scares him no end.

Can Myra break out of her going-nowhere relationship with Kairav? Will she let her mind win over her heart?

Will Kairav ever figure out a relationship beyond his no-commitment status, to discover the girl he loves?


The Girl I love is a romantic fiction, targeted towards those, who believe that love can put everything right. The book is entertaining and nice to read. Author has kept friendship as the central plot, the central characters are attracted towards each other. But are scared, to commit as they believe their friendship will get affected,  if love comes in between. I agree many novels have been written on similar lines. But I believe it is the presentation, which makes all the difference.  If the reader can read a book in one sitting, then the author has done justice with the plot. The Girl I Love can be easily read in one sitting. If you are travelling and like chic literature, then go for this book. Trust me, you will finish the book before your journey ends.


Kairav is a successful entrepreneur, who has got everything under control, except his love life. He is not clear about his expectations from his partner, the end result is often disastrous. Myra, his best friend and business partner, is his anchor. She is his 2:00 am friend, so whenever shit hits the roof, Myra is holding him and nurturing him back to normalcy. She loves him but knows that Kairav will not commit. Though right from the beginning,  the author has portrayed it is not simple friendship, their relationship also have a considerable amount of physical attraction. Finally, few guys enter Myra’s life, who is completely fed up with Kairav ’s non-commitment attitude. The interesting thing is that the guy does not want that his girl should marry anyone. He has issues with everyone, who tries to woo Myra. So the poor girl is bewildered and is left with no option. In order to know, what happens next, would recommend you pick up the book.

Why read:

Easy plot.


Make you believe in love again.

Why can you skip:

If you are not a romantic novel guzzler.

If you are into serious literature.

Predictable plot.

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