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Skin Related Myths

Inputs shared by Dr.Jangid


Too much knowledge can also be dangerous. Thanks to the internet, social platforms a lot of information is flowing on beauty. At times this blast of information has lead to the creation of many myths. GOE team connected with Dr.Jangid skin specialist to know the truth around these myths.

1)Moisturize your Skin- This we have read “n” number of times, do moisturize your skin. Now there are so many moisturizers existing in the market, one can easily get confused whether to go for cream-based moisturizers or lotion based form. According to Dr.Jangid, moisturizing is must as it keeps the skin hydrated and supple. If it is summer then go for lotion based moisturizer and for winter cream formulations are highly recommended, unless one has high oily skin.

2)Apply Lemon directly- Skin treatments and lemon go hand in hand. Lemon is glorified because of its Vitamin C ability. The point here to consider is that lemon alone cannot cure skin problems. It has certain properties, which comes to play only when they are mixed with specific ingredients. Lemon helps in removing pigmentation, but it needs to be included as a part of the face pack. So, if you are worried about blemishes, pigmentation takes papaya, mash it fully in a paste form, add one fourth teaspoon turmeric powder (turmeric is a great antiseptic), add gulabjal and half lemon to the paste. Apply it on your face in circular motion, leave it for 15 minutes and then clean with lukewarm water. Do it twice a week and see the miracle unfold.

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3)Apply Oil before Bath- Trust me there is no use in applying oil before bath. The water and the soap wash the oil away from your body, leaving skin dry. What is needed, after bath once you are towel dry, apply your favorite oil? It will not only nourish your skin but also will leave a lingering fragrance.

4)Head massage, leave oil overnight-This is the most common myth or I should say “Baap of all myths”. Females across all walks of life believe in applying oil and leaving it overnight. According to the belief, throughout the night, the oil seeps inside the hair roots, making them strong and giving the glow to the hair. But this is far away from the reality, head massage with lukewarm oil, 1 hour prior to the bath is sufficient. If one has dead skin on the scalp, then oil is an excellent food for the fungus, which is present on dead skin. This combination will lead to further growth of fungus and increased chances of dandruff. The three deadly combinations for dandruff are oil+water+dead skin. So if you want dandruff free hair, don’t leave oil overnight.

5)Steroids- What happens when a pimple or skin rashes emerge? Our first reaction is to remove it at any cost. We often try to burst those pimples or in worst cases apply steroids. The most common skin ointment Betnovate is a steroid. What exactly steroid does to our skin? Whenever any kind of swelling happens on the skin, keep in mind that the white blood cells are trying to control the bacteria, as a result, swelling is there, let it die down naturally. This is a good sign and not a worrying sign. When we apply steroids on the skin, WBC’s are suppressed, this results in more bacterial growth. After the application of steroid, one can find a lessening of swelling or allergy but be assured it is going to come back with a vengeance. So the most logical way is, stop being your own doctor and visit a skin specialist at the earliest. Frequent use of steroids can damage the skin.

So here go few of the skin related myths, if you have any queries feel free to connect with us.

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