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Romancing Nomadism-Nomadic Art Fair

Art Spice Gallery, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, Delhi


The collaborative initiative of ART SPICE GALLERY CHINH INDIA TRUST is to inspire and propagate repositioning of nomadic art and culture. It’s a unique platform that lets you engage with the spirit of nomadism.  It evokes the romance of the wanderer within you!

‘Romancing Nomadism’ showcases rich nomadic heritage through varied art forms and live installations from ‘closed for outsiders’ nomadic tribes about their lifestyle, music instruments, attire, jewelry, weapons and much more.

Rare collector items like ‘Zeher Mohra’, ‘150 years old Bow’, ‘Mogri’, ‘125 years old Banjara Portrait’, ‘Chirmi Beads’, and ‘Morpankhi Stitch’ from these ‘Ghumantoos’, ‘Khanabadosh’ or nomads of India will be on display. Beautifully painted musical instruments like the Bapang and Ektara, which are also known as the healing instruments with a unique frequency which have a healing effect on the listener as well as the player will be on display. 

Every wandering community is characterized by a distinct culture and this is reflected in their beliefs, customs, and traditional practices. The exact number of the nomadic population is unknown because a formal census has never been conducted and informal studies indicate that about 500 nomadic communities are there in India, 20-25 of which can be found only in Rajasthan.

In 1871, colonial authorities passed a notorious piece of legislation called the Criminal Tribes Act, which identified dozens of nomadic groups as, in effect, criminal by nature. As a result, nomadic communities in India are confronted with barriers of discrimination and exclusion today. ART SPICE gallery and CHINH strive to raise an awareness of this discrimination and let the nomadic people unravel their rich heritage.

Works of six nomadic communities – Maru Banjara, Bhopa, Jogi, Gadia Lohar, Kalbeliya and Bawariya in Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana can primarily be seen in this exhibition. One can also explore Live Art, documentaries and soulful spiritual songs like Kabir Vani, etc. in this exhibition. The fair focuses on diversity, connectivity, and community through performance and creative expression.

Enjoy a grand nomadic adventure of India in a single journey, weaving their art and cultural heritage into a comprehensive and magical experience. Indulge in a romantic, artistic trip into Nomadism. And as nomad says,CHALEYMAN RAHO (KEEP WANDERING)!

Venue – Art Spice gallery, The Metropolitan Hotel & Spa, Bangla Sahib Road, New Delhi

Timings – 9am to 6pm (Open all days)

T: 7042444554

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