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Purple Meets Zing-Kids Book Review

Story for children with moral ending.


Christmas is down the corner and so are winter breaks, so this Christmas gift your child some storybooks. In routine life, kids hardly get time to read, schools, extra classes keep them busy.  So during vacation time, the focus should be on extra reading and moral development of children.

Purple Turtle is back with “Purple Meets Zing” an amazing children book, with a lovely hidden message.  The kids are turning smarter with each passing day. Any child who has a visible weakness is often the butt of jokes of other children. This book tries to educate children, the importance of open-heartedness,  overlooking other person weakness, focusing on the talent of an individual.

Purple Turtle went to the park and meets Zing Rabbit, the rabbit is looking sad and left out. On inquiring, Purple Turtle comes to know, that no one is ready to be friends with Zing because of his stammering problem. In fact, all the animals are laughing at him. This put Purple Turtle into thinking mode and he asks Zing about his talents. Zing tells him, he has a beautiful voice and can sing very well. Turtle request for a song, Zing sings in such a melodious voice that all the other animals are left mesmerized.  They all come together to clap for Zing, they ask for his forgiveness and offers friendship.

I love the simplicity of the story, the way message is conveyed.  I pass on the book to three 6-year-olds, and they all love the story.

So, this Christmas let not your child laze around, give him a dose of knowledge and morals.

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