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Night Of Happiness-Book Review


Night Of Happiness is written by Tabish Khair and published by Picador India, an imprint of Pan Macmillan.


Pragmatic entrepreneur Anil Mehrotra has set up his thriving business empire with the help of his lieutenant, Ahmed, an older man who is different in more ways than one. Quiet and undemanding, Ahmed talks in aphorisms, bothers no one, and always get the job done. But when one stormy night, Mehrotra discovers an aspect to Ahmed that defies all reason, he is forced to find out more about his trusted aide.

As layers and layers of Ahmed’s history are peeled off, Mehrotra finds himself confronting some deeply unsettling questions. Does Ahmed really have a wife? Does he keep imprisoned in their flat? Is Ahmed deranged, or is he just making desperate sense of the horrors that afflicted him in the past?

By turns, poetic, chilling and heartbreaking, Night Of Happiness is an unforgettable novel set in a world without tolerance.


In the world of fiction, it is difficult to write a book, which takes the reader through a myriad of emotions. Rarely, we come across stories, with mature plots but still have the innocence intact. Tabish has maintained this balance brilliantly. I have read few books which have riots or natural calamity as there central plot. Sadly, they are unable to create the much-needed impact but remains a part of the story. I will give full marks to Tabish, he has beautifully crafted a story around the intolerance, religious dogmas, riots. For many people, Godhra riots might be a piece of news, but for few like Ahmad (central character of the story) it might be the end of normal living. I was able to feel the pain of Ahmad, his loneliness, vulnerability, shook me from inside. In today’s atmosphere, this book is highly recommended.


Anil Mehrotra had a flourishing business. The key reason behind the success of the venture was Ahmad, a taciturn person. He was a dream employee, never saying “no” to any work, always holding the ground for his employer.  Ahmad only had one request, he wanted a leave on the day of Shab-e-baraat. Anil readily agreed to it, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, Anil requested Ahmad to come on the day of the festival, though promising him to relieve by afternoon. After the work, due to bad weather, Anil decides to drop Ahmad at his place. During his short stay at Ahmad’s place, he comes across some startling facts. The discoveries leave Anil perturbed and he decides to do some digging on Ahmad, totally unaware that the results, will alter the course of his life. To know more, please do pick up the book.

Why should you read the book:

  • Powerful storyline
  • Crisp editing

Why can you avoid  this book:

  • If you like romance or light plots or guzzler of chic literature, then this book is definitely not for you.

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