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Luxury feels right at home in Monaco

Enjoy Monaco with luxury.


There are travelers who love to party and others who look to relax, but if you want all of this with a dash of opulence and luxury, look no further than Monaco. Synonymous with high living since the turn of the twentieth century, you can find Porsches, Bentleys and Rolls-Royces parked here on every block.

Stunning natural beauty, perfect year-round weather and hotels and resorts combining old-world luxury with a modern touch – Monaco offers all of this and more. Ever since Monte Carlo opened its doors to the first casino, it has enjoyed the patronage of the rich and the famous from across the world. Not surprisingly, a date with Monaco has started to become a recurring trend in the calendar of many well-heeled Indian travellers too.

American Express Travel & Lifestyle Services desk has witnessed a growing number of queries to plan trips to Monaco this summer, besides the usual European and American destinations.  This is in line with a resurgence in travel that we have witnessed.

We have seen some very interesting trends. A higher number of affluent individuals are willing to spend more to travel in comfort and style. 89% of our total flight transactions this year have been for premium cabins. Clearly, comfort reigns supreme when it comes to travel.

Once in Monaco you will be spoiled for choice. So here is a quick luxury guide on the must-dos in Monaco:

Helicopter Transfer from Nice

The scenic view of the breath-taking Mediterranean coastline leaves you mesmerized even before you set foot in Monaco. A thrilling helicopter tour over the French Riviera is all it takes to fall in love with this country. The way the Mediterranean Sea glitters as one soars over is a matchless experience. As the luxury yachts floating in Port Hercules come into view along with Monte Carlo Casino and Formula One Grand Prix circuit, you can witness the experiences the country has to offer in one quick glimpse.

Make a grandé entry at Monaco Grand Prix

Watching a race at the F1 circuit, the Monaco Grand Prix is a must in your itinerary when in Monaco. The Amber Lounge on the Grand Prix circuit is one of the most premium lounges in the world. Fearless racers, affluent guests, music and champagne accompanied by gourmet meals define this exclusive luxury experience.

Gamble in style at Monte Carlo Casino

The most famous Casino and the last word in high stakes, the building has a rich and engaging history. The ornate gambling house has been featured in multiple ‘James Bond’ movies and is perhaps the most iconic building in Monaco. The sophistication and élan with which the casino functions is mesmerizing.

Cruise your way to luxury

When in Monaco, you’ve got to charter a yacht to experience luxury at its peak. Basking in glorious sunshine serenaded by waves, you will be bowled over by the beautiful view of the sea, and the harbour with mountains lining the backdrop.

Touch a Shark at Oceanographic Museum

From its grand Belle Époque buildings to new modernist designs, Monaco showcases a lot of beautiful architecture. Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum is a magnificent Baroque revival building that sits on a cliff face overlooking the Mediterranean. It is a sheer delight to enjoy exquisite marine life in this unique setup.

Lavish indulgences

Excellence and refinement climax in Monaco to deliver a gastronomic extravaganza. The beautiful décor and the sumptuous food come together to create an aura of indulgence and grandeur. Check into Hotel Hermitage in Monte Carlo – its presidential diamond duplex and the diamond suite penthouse give you a preview into the lifestyle of European royalty. The diamond suite penthouse has 3 lounge areas, 3 bedrooms, 2 wardrobes, 3 bathrooms and a children’s playroom customizable on request. With touches of luxury at every step, from the marble pillars to the chandeliers, this hotel is perfect for a luxurious family vacation in Monaco. Equipped with a private elevator, the terrace holds a marvellous view of Hercules Port and the Old Town.

Equipped with services that define luxurious lifestyle, Monaco defines opulent indulgence. It invokes enigma and mystery, and showcases an incredible display of style and substance, under the blue skies of the Côte d’Azur. Head to Monaco for an exquisite and memorable vacation that will keep you coming back for more.

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