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Imperfect Misfits-Novel Review

Novel showcasing the importance of friendship.


Imperfect Misfits is written by Devanshi Sharma and published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors.

This novel is written by Devanshi Sharma, and falls under the category of chic literature. This is a romantic novel, not with many complexities, it has a simple plot, yet is able to capture the heart.

The writing is fluid and easy going. Not too many heavy words and phrases are used. The climax is a bit like Bollywood, yet will leave a sweet taste in the mouth.

Imperfect Misfits is a lovely story of 2 persons, who have big career ambitions, they are best friends, yet are not ready to commit to each other. The author has beautifully built the bond of friendship between the two. They accept each other the way they are and do not want to change each other. One person is so accustomed to taking care of other people, that he never asks to get pampered in return.

We all crave for honest love, friendship, and relationship, but few of us have the guts to accept and take care of it. Young age is often a confusing age, where one is confused about the career choices, often parents career choices are different from an individual. At such a time, a good friend, who understands your passion, talent and believes in you, helps a lot in making right choices.

Tiasha and Aakaash are not only next door neighbors but great buddies. They have exceptional career choices, which does not fall under the mainstream. Tiasha wants to be a chef, whereas Aakash wants to be a stand-up comedian. Tiasha is a much-pampered daughter of Gujarati family. Her world is cooking, her parents and  Aakaash. Her parents have got her a separate flat in Delhi, which is her kingdom. Aakash belongs to the regular middle-class family, where parents want him to land up with a decent regular job. They are vehemently against his career choices. They both are part of the same college, and as destiny could be, they end up landing jobs in the same advertising agency. But Aakash is very clear about his priorities, he refuses the offer, whereas Tiasha is an explorer and she decides to pick up the job. For her training purpose, she has to leave for Jaipur for few months.  During this time, Aakash misses her badly and realizes that Tiasha is more than a friend to him. Tiasha falls sick in Jaipur and has to be brought back to Delhi. Though she hates to abandon things midway but with Aakash breathing down her neck, she returns.  Aakash confesses his feelings to her, but things don’t work as plan out.

I think I have revealed the plot enough, now you need to pick up the book if you want to know more.

Why should you read the book:

  • Easy Plot
  • Fluid writing style
  • Easy English
  • Can be read in one go

Why can you skip the book

  • Not fan of chic literature
  • Like some serious readings

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