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I’m an Average Looking Boy-Book Review

Enjoy a desi love story.









  • Roopesh seems to be overly impressed with Chetan Bhagat, he has heavily borrowed from his writing style.
  • In order to inject humor, he has extensively used Chetan Bhagat’s book title, within the plot. One can find references to three mistakes of my life, half girlfriend, revolution 2020 etc.
  • Similar to half girlfriend the guy is from Bihar and Girl is from Delhi, though it is not a crime that characters cannot come from similar location, but then towards the end, when the character visits Bihar and delivers a lecture in public, with mother and wife sitting in row, you have a dejavu effect. It seems eerily similar to Half Girlfriend’s,  Madhav delivering a speech, to convince Bill Gates to invest in his school, with Riya sitting in the audience, boosting his morale.
  • The conclusion was too melodramatic and too Bollywood like. In my opinion, a subtle end would have been more appropriate.

If we overlook these things, then I will say it is a beautiful love story and Roopesh has immense potential as a writer, but he needs to stop reading Chetan Bhagat ASAP.  Any writer can flourish when he has his own original ideas and not borrowed ones. When I started reading the novel, I was genuinely impressed by the story building. The way central characters fall in love, fight their emotions, handle their confusion was brilliantly narrated. Thankfully, Roopesh never used too many sugar-coated endearments’s, which many writers use. The love story is sweet and simple, it becomes complex only towards the end.


Dibisha is a Delhi girl, who gets into a nice college. Like all other teenagers of her age, college means freedom, cafeteria, bunking classes and attention from all the boys. Vidhan Roy is Dibisha’s classmate and hails from Bihar. He is a sweet, innocent, hardworking boy. They met under virgin tree, not willfully but forcefully, as Vidhan was being ragged by seniors.  Since they are classmates so friendship blooms between them, and not before long they are madly in love. We have other characters also, but they are like supporting actors, so not much to tell. Apart from Ananya, Dibisha’s best friend, who says with her through thick and thin. But time and mother plays the villain and these lovers have to part ways. But Dibisha always believed in her heart, one day Vidhan will return. For the rest, please pick up the book and read.


I will safely give 3/5 to the book.

I can safely sum up the book with Rohit Shetty’s dialogue(read rephrased)- Jab love ki marzi hoti hai, to cheezo mein logic nahi magic hota hai.

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