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How to Eat Right When Travelling


While traveling, one tends to choose junk food most of the time because that is what is so temptingly available usually. However, choosing wisely energizes the traveler leading to a positive state of mind. Keeping oneself hydrated with plenty of water and eating healthy food at regular intervals makes one enjoy the leisure time more. A few tips to remember while traveling –

  1. Stop at a grocery store instead of a fast food joint to pick up fruits, nuts, hummus etc. which you can eat while you are on your way. Also, choose to eat at a salad bar if that option is available.
  2. Eat at regular intervals and keep your portions small so that you feel energized and not sluggish or sleepy so that you may enjoy the journey.
  3. Eating plenty of protein is a good idea because it keeps one alert and stabilizes the blood sugar.4.One must avoid sugary snacks, deep fried food, non-fat desserts, and sweeteners because they deplete energy levels. Processed, baked food and alcohol should not be consumed either to maintain our regular metabolism. 

    5.One must always pack a few healthy snacks like almonds, hummus, yogurt, berries, fresh and dried fruit, hard boiled eggs etc, in case good, clean food is not available en route and when one feels hungryKeeping oneself hydrated at all times cures a lot of junk food cravings and symptoms of overexposure to the heat or sun. Also, water flushes out toxins from one’s body keeping one fresh and healthy. 

    Always try to find out what healthier options are available wherever you go. Concentrate on eating fresh fruits, salads and drink plenty of water. Eat at regular intervals but keep a track of your portion size.

    Other things to remember is to focus on eating your vegetables regularly so that you won’t crave for junk food. And even if you indulge in some pasta or pizza occasionally, it won’t hurt your waistline.

    Also, try to include low-fat local delicacies which may not be well known. The staple food of most people everywhere in the world consists of lots of lean protein, fiber-rich vegetables.

    One should avoid drinking fruit or vegetable juices, soda, and energy drinks because they contain no fiber and empty calories. Instead, concentrate on eating fresh fruits and vegetables available locally. Also, drink alcohol in moderation. It would be better if water and alcohol are alternated because that prevents hangover prevention and limits calorie count too. Drink as much water as you possibly can.

Always keep healthy snacks handy to nibble or between meals. Have fun while taking care of your diet. Be aware of what you put in your mouth but let go once in while without feeling guilty. Enjoy your travelling without stressing too much but remember to make healthy choices whenever and wherever possible to maximize your energy level and pleasure


Avni, Founder of Nutri Activania ( believes in a holistic approach to optimal living and considers other wellness factors such as sleep, exercise, environmental exposures, and stress levels to create an individualized nutrition plan. She does not believe in gimmicks or starvation plans. Which is why she insists on being called a wellness coach; and not just a dietitian. To consult with Avni, or follow her, you can click on any one of these links:

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