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Friends Forever-Children Book Review

Friends Forever- teach children about importance of friendship.


Friends Forever is a kids book published by Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd and falls under Purple Turtle series.

The book teaches kids the importance of friendship. If you look from the mother’s eyes, then such books are very important. We often want to teach kids, about values and principals. But, then it is always easier to pass the message through the story. Friendship plays a major role in one’s life, and if the kids learn the importance of friendship at the nascent stage, nothing better than this. Do remember stories are a better way, to pass on the message to the kids, rather than sounding preachy.

Purple Turtle is very happy and confident turtle. He was sure he will make lots of friends, but due to his different color, no one welcomes him. Suddenly, purple turtle saw a bird named melody sitting quietly and crying.  He asks her, what’s wrong, why are you crying? After knowing the reason, he decides to help melody.  Purple Turtle was assigned the task of saving Roxy the chameleon, which he finally saves, after applying a lot of practical wisdom.

The best part I liked about the book is, it also teaches the value of patience and presence of mind in crisis.  I have already read two more books from Purple Turtle series and I loved them instantly.

(Inputs are given by-Revant Pandey, 8 years old)

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