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Consolidators- Book Review

Consolidators is written by Prince Mathews Thomas and published by Penguin. About the Author: Prince Mathews Thomas is a veteran journalist. He wanted to be a newspaperman, but then grew up to realize that journalism is not about delivering…

When Change Happens

When Change Happens is written by Lalit Jagtiani and published by Lead Think. Change is a much dreaded word in the corporate. It is often associated with job cuts, change in KRA’s and what not. But thanks to Mr.Jagtiani, the change doesn’t…

Managing The Matrix

Managing the matrix is written by Dawn Metcalfe and published by Wiley. This is not a fiction, though the form of writing is very engaging. It is a much needed business book, that teach us the importance of emotional intelligence. Across…


Corpokshetra is a witty take on Mahabharat. The book is written by Deepak Kaul, co- published by Westland ltd and Bloody Good Book.  The big question is what makes a book different, as a reviewer I believe the treatment of the subject.