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Book Review- Yours Forever


Yours Forever is written by Nimmu and published by FiNGERPRINT!.


What happens when you fall in love with someone who has vowed to never love again?

Sneha’s luck is cursed. What she had anticipated to be a joyous ride into her residency, turns into a scene from hell when the man she had an altercation with on her first day, turns out to be her supervisor-Dr. Shiva a.k.a Dr.Hothead a.k.a the Ice King. And just when she thinks life can’t get any worse than this, the unthinkable happens. She falls in love with him!

From a man she loathes, Shiva turns into the love of her life.

But he had enough of heartbreaks to last him a lifetime. Even though enamored by the endearing and beautiful Sneha, he is still resolved to love no more.

As Shiva coldly casts Sneha out of his life, will Sneha meekly listen, never to appear in front of him again? Or will her love manage to melt Shiva’s, impenetrable heart?

So begins Yours Forever,  a heart-wrenching story about passion, heartbreaks, and love that crosses paths with long-buried truths and unexpected tragedies.

Battered at every turn, will Sneha and Shiva’s love last forever?



Yours Forever is a regular love story, but the author has done a wonderful job. Nowhere the reader will lose the interest. I  look forward to the books from FingerPrint publications, I haven’t found a single storybook, which has disappointed me. This novel is a simple love story, where age difference and influence of bad past is highlighted. While living we all encounter heartbreaks, failures, and disappointments. But at times our past, influence our future, we are held captive by our past. The whole story is based on this theme. I only wished that the climax was better handled. The story faltered towards the end, it seems the author was in hurry to finish the book. All the stories have a pace of there own, and that pace needs to be maintained throughout.  Any last minute mistakes can spoil the book. Though I would recommend this novel, it is much better than most of the novels floating in the market these days.


Dr.Shiv is wounded badly by past incidents. He is often referred to as Ice King by his students. Sneha is an orphan who is living with her grandma, in the same apartment as Shiva. Their first meeting was volatile but it will fill the readers with a warmth. Later Sneha comes to know, she has to work under Ice King. Gradually things started to change, Sneha is impressed by Dr.Shiva’s knowledge and gentle treatment of the patients. Gradually, she falls madly in love with Dr. Shiva, but things are not that easy, they have a huge age difference. A chance illness of Dr. Shiva gives Sneha and her grandmother entry into the Shiva’s house. Slowly doctor’s attitude towards her start changing, and a bond starts developing. Enters Mithra daughter of Dr.Shiva, and she becomes the heartthrob of Sneha.

But Dr.Shiva becomes uncomfortable with the growing closeness between Sneha, his daughter, and his mother.

In order to know what happens next, would recommend you to pick up the book.

Why read the book:

  • Good storyline.
  • Crisp and engaging plot.
  • Can be read in one go.
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