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Book Review – Like a bird on the wire


Like a bird on the wire is a fiction written by Chhavi Bhardwaj and published by Amaryllis. The novel is a haunting love story, which will pull your heart strings.


Nethra Kaul is sharp, efficient, beautiful and single. A quintessential “good girl”, she believes in doing the right thing always. Only that her life isn’t all that right. A broken heart? Check. Misfit at work? Double- check. Hopeless romanticism? Not enough checks in the world.

Avinash Rathore, her batchmate from the IAS, is the man she had loved and wanted, very much. Avinash is a high-flyer and his life looks picture perfect at the moment- a soaring career, a lovely wife, and a beautiful child. What more could he possibly want?

What more, other than the intense, sublime love that had once blossomed in the salubrious environs of Mussoorie, where Nethra and Avinash trained as probationers?

The threat of fate is closing in fast as Nethra and Avinash come together, one more time, for something that will prove to be as disastrous as it is enticing. How will Avinash get trapped in a labyrinth spawned out of animosity?

Does a woman need a man in her life to feel complete?

Will Nethra find solace, will she find love?


The story is about life, love, friendship, lost hopes/dreams, cost of sticking with the ideals and above all humanity. It is not about some candy love but the story talks about a mature love, which grows over time. This story will give you a glimpse into the life of Indian Administrative Officer’s life, a normal Indian want that their offspring clear administrative services and become IAS, without realizing the pain and the trial they go through. Many times standing against wrong is like standing against the system, and this rebel means frequent postings to unheard locations, unnecessary pressure from the ministers even local MPs and sleepless nights.

The most interesting part of the story is how childhood effects total personality of the person. If you are termed as a loser in your childhood days, you might turn out to be quiet competitive, for whom winning matters the most. Chavi has beautifully developed the character of  Amit, who has cleared administrative services but whose thought process is no better than a small panwala. This book will definitely tickle your thought process; the reader can love or hate any of the characters but cannot ignore them.


Nethra Kaul clears the administrative services exam and went to Mussorrie for training. She is sharp, beautiful, and talented, with a focused mindset. Not before long, she meets Avinash Rathore, her batchmate in the academy. As per the cupid’s grand plan, they both are crazily drawn towards each other. The only pain point, Avinash is already engaged to a powerful minister’s daughter, rebelling against him will create some serious dents.

Avinash has a childhood friend Mrityunjay, who is their common batchmate. Though Mrityujay has also fallen for Nethra but respecting his friend’s feeling, he keeps his true emotions to himself. As destiny has planned out Avinash is forced to marry the minister’s daughter, shattering Nethra’s heart to pieces. But somehow destiny has other plans for these star-crossed lovers, the path of these three former batchmates cross again, this time Avinash reputation, career, self-respect all is at stake. What happens from here is a roller coaster ride, worth reading. The story will warm you from inside, in the end, the reader will fall in love with all the characters.

Why pick up the book:

  • Interesting Plot
  • Well developed characters
  • Crisp Editing
  • Good English
  • Light read.

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