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Bey Bee Wipes- Product Review


What comes to your mind, when you look at your child?  A surge of emotions, maternal love and fierce protective instinct towards your baby. You would do anything to protect your child. Be it giving them the best food or taking care of their body. Due to the usage of diapers, babies often get rashes, which are quite painful. It is necessary to change diapers before they become wet, but one more ritual that needs to be followed, after the removal of soiled diaper, gently wipe that area through mild baby wipes. There are lots of baby wipes present in the market, one needs to choose wisely.

I picked up Bey Bee 98% Water Wipes’s Baby Wipes, for my child. The box comes with a  flip door on the front, which can be opened and closed at convenience, this makes the product quite handy. This product is a must carry item during traveling. The packaging makes it easy to carry around, be it in a handbag or diaper bag.

The Bey Bee’s 98% Water Wipes are enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts which keep baby’s skin from drying up, after a rigorous cleaning session. The wipes are soft and gentle, but also very effective. These are made of spun lace, non-woven fabric and are alcohol-free, making it safe and ideal for babies usage. Those who are usually sensitive to such products,  need not worry since these are hypoallergenic.

Bey Bee water wipes are enriched with Vitamin E and for external use only. If you care for the environment, then you can pick up the wipes without any worry as they are bio-degradable.

Each package contains around 80 wipes and the size is 150mm*200 mm. The wipes are 100 percent bacteria free thus ensuring utmost care.

The wipes are silky soft to gently clean and moisturize baby’s delicate diaper area. One can gently wipe the baby’s hand and face, it is an alcohol and parabens free product.

Not only babies even elders can use the product for wiping purposes.


Do go for this product, without any apprehensions.

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