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Be My Perfect Ending-Book Review

Interesting story


Be My Perfect Ending is written by Arpit Vageria and published by Srishti Publishers & Distributors.

The book falls under chic literature, genre is romance.

As a reviewer, I loved the book at the same time hated it. Trust me, have strong reasons behind both the emotions. For any girl, Armaan (central character)  is a dream boy, who is successful, passionate and can even die for his love. But for every mother, to have a son like Armaan would be the biggest nightmare. When I finished the book, I was contemplating the final action of Armaan, and realized it was pretty irresponsible. One cannot think of his or her own happiness and passion when so many lives are attached to you. Apart from this, I liked the book, the story built up was great, I wish that Arpit would have done justice with the climax also. But still, the book is worth a read. Many people would be able to relate to the story, when love strikes, logic, and reasoning flies out. To make the loved one feel special, we are ready to go to great lengths. So somewhere, the story resonates well.

Arpit very well highlighted the dark world of the television industry. Writers have to slog day in night out, and the uncreative people can reject the whole script, in a matter of minutes. The problem of casting couch has also been shown. I remember a particular incident, where the tv channel was having 100 episodes celebration, where the top boss asks the actress, to entertain him in a nearby hotel. On refusing, he candidly tells that a new show is coming up, the lead role will be passed on to another actress. Yes, we all have read about casting couch, but hearing it from horse mouth, creates a different impact.

Armaan is a young television writer from Indore. He adores his family and friends. He is trying hard to adjust to Mumbai, with his roommate Sandeep. His roommate is an aspiring actor, they both are not very close to each other. One day Sandeep informs him that he will be going back to his hometown, as his mother is suffering from cancer. Armaan realizes his pain and stands beside him, in the hour of need. One fine morning Armaan bumps into Sara on Juhu beach, it was not an ordinary meeting but was a true filmy style meeting. No prizes for guessing, they both end up being colleagues, soon they become good friends. Sara is an orphan who is also nursing a heartbreak, she is also looking to shift her flat, as the current flat belongs to her ex. Armaan is also looking for a flatmate, and soon she shifts into Armaan’s flat. Love blossoms between them, but they both have their insecurities. To know more, you need to pick up the book and read.

The novel can be read in one sitting, the plot is interesting and easy English has been used.

Why pick up the book:

  • Good Plot
  • Easy Read

Why not go for the book:

  • I feel climax has a scope for improvement.


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