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Bally Sagoo’s Top 5 Dance Tracks

Bally Sagaoo shares his favorite tracks, for marriage season.


Bally Sagoo int eh cafe.

(As told to Aarti Kapur Singh)

He broke onto the world music scene with his 1989 collaboration, Hey Jamalo/ Tootak tootak tootiyan with Malkit Singh. After almost four decades, there is no party that is brought to life without some of Bally Sagoo’s remixes blaring from the console. Living in what was called the ‘ghetto’ areas of Birmingham, UK, he acquired a taste for ‘black’ music, listening to Motown, Reggae and Soul. Baljit Sagoo (Yes, that is his real name) proved why he is known as King of Punjabi Pop or Raja of Remixes recently at his performance at FLYP@MTV at Chandigarh.

“I am so thrilled that people still play my songs at their celebrations!”, said Bally and before the party actually began, he gave Gypsy On Exploration his top 5 recommendations for the ongoing wedding or party season. Whether it is a sangeet or mehndi or party, all of these songs will make it more fun than you can ever imagine!

Aaja Nachle

I just love Hans Raj Hans! He just brings the joy of singing into anything he does. Even if you just listen to the song and haven’t seen him singing it, you will be able to imagine him smiling and being boisterous as he sings this! Besides, this is the song that actually asks everyone to come on the dance floor. Like aaja nachle! And I don’t think it is a call you can refuse!

Watch it here –

Hey Jamalo!

This one, because it takes me really far down memory lane! This song was made at a time when we used tapes and cassettes to DJ. Don’t ask me how we managed, but it was still a lot of fun. Play this at a wedding and trust me, people of all ages WILL groove.

Listen to Hey Jamalo here –

Gur Naalo Ishq Mitha

The video of this song was just so much fun! With Jas Arora and a very fresh Malaika Arora Khan. This is a classic! I see Brits and Americans and Germans going nuts with this one. I don’t see why desis should not have this in a loop.

Download it here –

Botalaan Sharaab Diyan

This one is my personal favorite. It has that perfect fusion of rustic Punjabi folksy vibe with traditionally used instruments and the thumping beats. Even if you don’t understand Punjabi very well, this should get you on the dance floor.

Watch it here –

Bally Saggoo-poster image

Choli Ke Peechey

When I did Bollywood Flashback, this was one of the most popular mixes. Try it at your party and you will be amazed, as I am, at its popularity today also.

Download it here –

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