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All You Need is Love-Srishti Publishers

Ramya Mishra


All You Need is Love is a romantic fiction written by Arvind Parashar and published by Srishti Publishers Distributors.


Neil and Gauri have made it big, and are enjoying life with their doting daughter Neilakshi. Holidaying in Cuba, little do they know that the selfie they send back to their daughter in India will be their last, as they are attacked by mysterious men. They cannot be traced, and there are rumours of murder. The governments of both the nations jointly investigate and try to find them at war footing level.

Their friends wonder why someone is hell-bent on breaking the lovers apart, this time forever. Who could it be- Rachel, Neil’s hostile lover? Or Arya, his college time girlfriend? Or is it something much bigger than they could have ever imagined.

Read on to discover the life and times of Neil and Gauri, and the deepened mystery in this yet another romantic thriller-All You Need is Love


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The story is about love, deceit, and revenge. It is the part of “Messed Up” trilogy. Neil and Gauri visit Cuba, apart from business interest, they are also planning to set up a large temple over there. But their journey was cut short, by a series of attacks. The whole world considers them dead, though they are saved by old Cuban couple. Neil is trying to regain consciousness, Gauri has to do a lot of contemplation and try to figure out the people behind these attacks.

It is not about Neil and Gauri, they are equally concerned about the safety of their daughter Nielakshi.

The story is good chic literature, the trilogy is worth exploring. It further gives a peep into the world of richi rich, it looks like a film, where no one can trust anyone. Nothing is altruistic, everything and everyone has a hidden agenda. It is like a thriller, where you cannot trust anyone apart from its own shadow.

So, if you are a thriller lover, then this trilogy is definitely recommended. The trilogy has been published by Srishti Publishers and Distributors.

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Why pick up the book:

  • Gripping Plot
  • Easy English


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