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5 unusual places in India


We all know India for spiritualism, yoga, culture, tourist places and what not. But do you know, that there are many places in India, which have weird occurrences or facts surrounding them. Do travel to some of these places, to unravel the mystery yourself:

1) The Motorcycle God – Bullet Baba Shrine, Bandai, Rajasthan

We all have read or heard about road accidents related death. But can you believe a place, where a temple will be built for Bullet motorcycle, flowers, and liquor bottles are given as offerings. Om Singh Rathore resident of Bandai, Jodhpur, died when he crashed his Bullet into a tree while riding drunk. The police claimed the bike and took it to the station. The next day, the bike was found at the spot of the accident. They brought it back to the station, emptied the fuel tank and chained it. Yet the bike miraculously found its way back to accident spot the next day. Finally, the motorcycle was moved permanently to the location and the Om Baba (or Bullet Baba as it is popularly called) Shrine was erected. Every day many passers-by come to offer their prayers. The spirit of Om Banna is believed to protect travelers.

2) Natural Mummy of Sangha Tenzing – Gue Village, Spiti

Who said mummies belong only to Egypt? Even we Indians have one, this mummy followed a very complex procedure. In a little village called Gue, in Himachal’s Spiti district, lays the remarkably well-preserved 500-year-old mummy of Sangha Tenzing, a Buddhist monk from Tibet. It was found in a sitting position, with skin and hair intact. This is probably because the monk started mummifying himself while he was still alive. Natural mummification, as compared to chemical embalming, is a complex procedure and is extremely rare.  The mummy was discovered after an earthquake in 1975. It is now on display at a temple in Gue.


3)Dining with the dead- The New Lucky Restaurant, Ahmedabad

Now, here’s something that is morbid and fascinating at the same time. The New Lucky Restaurant has an ambiance to kill for. This coffee house is built on a centuries-old Muslim cemetery. The graves lie between the tables and are said to belong to a 16th CE Sufi saint. The restaurant is always bustling with guests and the owner says that the graves are his lucky mascots.



4)Home to the notorious Cream-Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Home to the notorious Cream – Malana, Himachal Pradesh

Located in the north-east of the Kullu Valley, Malana is also known as the ‘Little Greece of India’, because the locals believe that they are descendants of Alexander-the-Great himself! This ancient village is cut off from the rest of the world, and they follow an indigenous political system.  There are only about a hundred houses in this village, but it is home to Malana Cream, the finest quality and most potent charas ever produced.



5) Half-Sized Taj Replica – Bibi Ka Maqbara, Aurangabad

They say imitation is the best form of flattery. The ‘Mini Taj’ proves the point. Built in the late 17th CE, within less than 30 years of its original inspiration, this modest monument has often been called ‘Poor Man’s Taj.’ It was commissioned by Aurangzeb and built by one of his sons, Prince Azam Shah, in memory of his mother, the Emperor’s  first wife. Though it fades in comparison to its majestic inspiration, the Bibi Ka Maqbara emanates a certain charming humility.



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