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5 Reasons to visit Orissa Beaches

Puri beach a place to create memories.


I am a water person and have visited a number of beaches.  But Orissa’s Puri beach is very close to my heart. Few of the reasons which make Puri beach totally alluring are:

a)Evening Pooja– I had been to few beaches, but cannot forget the sight of Puri Beach, during late evening hours. The priests conduct a pooja ceremony of Bay of Bengal. The aarti and pooja is so grand, that generally maximum people, join the ceremony. It’s a spiritual moment, where I witnessed people from different religions, bowing their head in reverence to the mighty sea. It is a lifetime experience, one needs to be part of that ceremony to witness the magic.

b)Eatables– Ok, so an honest confession, Puri Beach makes you feel like a king. There are so many food vendors roaming around, and you can easily get cheap and tasty food. I can still recall buying 5 samosas in 5 rupees. And before you lose yourself to the magic of samosas, rasgullawala appears. Trust me, you cannot have enough of those fresh rasgullas at Rs 5/ per piece.

c)Sea Shells–  The waves brings beautiful sea shells. I collected so many of them, on my trip. The shells are of all shapes and sizes. You just have to put your hand in water, and one can come up with so many shells.

d)Night Bazaar– If you want to buy some souvenirs to commemorate your Orissa trip, then this is the place for you. You will find so many things made from seashell at a reasonable price. Go for hair clips made from seashells, mirrors, pen stands, counch or anything that catch your fancy. Also, the market is very lively, I just stood there and loved the way Bengali females were bargaining with the shopkeepers.

e)Sand Art–  If you are lucky you can find a beautiful sand art made by Sudarshan Pattnaik or Manas Sahoo. During my visit, through sand, they created a beautiful face of a man and woman. People were flocking to see it. The place was not barricaded but everyone was taking proper care not to spoil the piece. Sea not only engulfs you with a calm but also give you many beautiful moments to treasure.

It was a wonderful evening, which I spend at Puri beach, visit the place to feel the magic.

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