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5 places to visit in 2018

Pack your bags,travel to new places, fall in love with life.


a)Masai Mara- If you are a wildlife enthusiast, then visit Masai Mara National Reserve, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya- Africa is a must. The reserve is located in the Great Rift Valley in primarily open grassland. The best season to visit the place in July to November, as annual wild beast’s migration happens, which involves more than 1.5 million animals.

There have been some 95 species of mammals, amphibians, and reptiles and over 400 birds species recorded on the reserve. If you are lucky, then you can see the big five (buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion, and rhino).

b) Crete- There are different kind of travelers with different travel motivations. So if you are a foodie, then pack your bags and fly to Crete. It is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. Here, you can admire the remnants of brilliant civilizations, explore glorious beaches, impressive mountainscapes, fertile valleys, and become part of the island’s rich gastronomic culture. Families are only too happy to share the island’s many specialties – a dakos salad, free-flowing raki.

c) Easter Island- If you are guzzler of mystery, then this place is for you. Would you not line to visit one of the world’s most remote islands and click those ancient, stoic stone faces? But then there is more to explore than those stoic stone faces.Enormous volcanic craters, preserved stone villages, beaches, fantastic seafood and world-class diving are among the unsung delights of this mysterious destination, also known by the native name Rapa Nui.

Eastern Island is Chile-governed territory, which is 1,300 miles away from the nearest inhabited island. The island has a range of accommodation options: guesthouses, luxury resorts, Airbnbs etc.

d)Tripoli- Flourishing on the Mediterranean sea and have the Mediterranean climate, Tripoli can be a wonderful destination for your vacation or stay. It is not only capital of Libya but also one of the largest city. Tripoli makes it best for a budget-friendly accommodation. Commuting to this place is not only cheap, but it is also away from every hassle as the largest seaport, is well connected with other countries, through reasonable airlines.  So, if you are looking for shopping, sightseeing, dining at cheap rates, then this place needs to be on your bucket list.

e) Byron Bay – If you want to have a peaceful walk around the beach, or meditate facing the sea. Pack your bags and fly to Byron Bay- Australia. This place has endless beaches and reliable surf breaks. But recently its beaches draw visitors, for meditation, walking, and sheltered swimming as much as their tubular waves. There is also Town Centre which is home to a host of cafés, serving everything from sinful breakfasts to cold-pressed juices and gelato.

Please share any more places, which you think are interesting enough for a visit.

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