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June 2016


Corpokshetra is a witty take on Mahabharat. The book is written by Deepak Kaul, co- published by Westland ltd and Bloody Good Book.  The big question is what makes a book different, as a reviewer I believe the treatment of the subject.


I visited the World Art Dining on Friday night, they are located in Punjabi Bagh. The place was filled with people but our tables were booked well in advance, so we never had any problem. They have got 3 entities- Restaurant by the name of…

With you I dance

With you I dance is a peppy love story written by Aarti V Raman and published by FINGERPRINT! L!TE. This is a chic literature but one worth reading. These days chic literatures are in but mostly what we get is trash, this book definitely


Sophia is written by Shafinaaz Hassim and published by Wordflute Press Publications. This novel beautifully narrates a heart rendering story, around domestic violence and child abuse. The story makes a point, that how domestic violence

The Girl On The Train

The Girl On The Train is a gripping story, of a traumatized alcohol addict. The book is written by Paula Hawkins. The story is brilliantly written. Imagine your home near a railway line, where same time a train passes with a passenger,