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June 2015

Review of novel-God is a Gamer

Finally like our cinema our literature is also maturing. The way Indian writers are writing fiction is hugely commendable. These days, the writers like marketers are very clear about their target audience and the reading preferences. The

Interview of author Arefa Tehsin

RM: Your book seems to be well researched. What all are the sources, from where you pick up the information? AT: The main sources for this book are my father’s inputs and The Book of Indian Animals by S. H. Prater. Some research has been

Review of novel – Breach

After ages I have read an interesting digital thriller from an Indian author. Kudos to Amrita Chowdhury, for picking up the topic of cyber-crime and weaving an interesting plot around it. In India with less internet penetration, we are

Review of Margarita with a Straw

The film is on a very delicate topic of Cerebral Palsy and sexuality. For those of you who do not know about Cerebral palsy, it is a neurological disorder which affects body movement, muscle control, muscle coordination, posture and…

Review of Dil Dharakne Do

Finally Indian cinema has matured, the concept on which movies are made is remarkable. Recent releases Piku, Margarita with Straw, Lunchbox, Dil Dharakne Do all falls under same category. Gone are the days, when movies were all about

In talk with Prof Warreir

Rivers are dying, they are becoming dumping ground of industrial waste,Yamuna river is called "Ganda Nala". Government is doing much, to save the endangered rivers but an awareness needs to be created at the ground level. Prof. Shrikala…